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03 September 2012 @ 08:49 pm
It is with a little sadness, and a hint of relief, that I announce the conclusion of the Konstantine legacy.

As much as I do adore the Konstantines, and feel bad for the people who took the time to read their story, I just don't have the time anymore. I barely play The Sims, let alone have the energy to write about something that happened a year ago. I hardly even remember what half of the screenshots are for anymore, and it seems silly to try. 

I am very sorry, but I do hope you enjoyed the ride.

Daisy achieved her dreams and lived out her life happily with Hunter. The two chose Blake as the family heir. Leanna became a mad scientist and had two robots, an egyptian mummy, and a son from an alternate universe as her children. She never married and lived under Blake's roof for most of her life. Eliza became a world class surgeon and promptly flew the nest to start her own family. She would have one daughter, named Joy.

Blake became a famous rockstar, married his childhood friend Anastasia, and together they had three girls. The eldest, Persephone, became a bar hopping vampire, the middle child, Alexandra, had a habit of changing her hair colour every week, and the youngest, Sophia, set out to be sports super star. The two eldest children were constantly at ends with eachother growing up, pulling pranks on one another, and fighting over boys. Sophia was often left out. Blake and Anastasia eventually chose their most level headed and warm hearted child, Alexandra, to be their heir.

Alexandra became an architect and novelist, and married a firefighter, named Kai, who she had dated since she was a teenager. This was despite a brief relationship he had with Persephone, which was a result of her vampire seduction, and jealousy for her younger sister. The happy couple went on to have three children, called Riley, Oz, and Dawn. They also adopted a dog, Cinnamon, as a gift to Oz on his birthday.

If you do wish to follow the Konstantines further, please view their family tree.